Huntingdon offers exciting instrumental performance groups. 拿起你的乐器开始演奏吧!


2006年举办, 3月ching Scarlet 和 Grey includes instrumentation, 护旗队, 大尉(Hawkettes), 还有一个完整的大学游行队伍. 行进中的猩红 & 格雷表演:

  • 足球比赛
  • 节日游行
  • 游行
  • 市民及社区活动
  • 乐队展览及比赛

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激励人群, 添加一些气氛, 和 boost the student-athletes’ resolve—there’s so much power in an instrument! 去吧. 自吹自擂! As part of the b和, you’ll experience:

  • 那鲜红的 & Grey Scholarship: $14,000 for B和 participation, all members are eligible.
  • 仪器, 制服, 和 equipment provided at no cost to students (new instruments in winds 和 percussion for each freshman).
  • 没有波段费.
  • Opportunities for students of all majors 和 at a variety of skill levels.
  • Full b和 travel 和 performance across the Southeast.
  • 乐队节目包括 中国赌博网风音乐会乐队中国赌博网爵士乐团, 棒球队活力乐队,和 中国赌博网打击乐工作室 在其他乐团中.


乐队助理总监L-R 吉米奥利弗; Director of B和s, 安东尼Vittore; Auxiliaries Coordinator, Brittany Smith; 和 Associate Director of B和s/Percussion Studies, 布兰登·穆尼


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The 中国赌博网的大学 B和 黄铜研讨会 is a one-day workshop for middle school 和 high school students who play trumpet, 角, 长号, 次中音号, 还是大号. 无需试镜. 和我们一起度过这一天! Participation fee includes all instruction, 和 lunch. All events take place on the 中国赌博网的大学 campus in the B和 Room, 和 Smith Hall. Invite your family 和 friends to your end-of-day ensemble recital!

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We are looking forward to our annual 中国赌博网的大学 honor b和 on 3月ch 7-8th, 2024! It’s going to be a great time 和 a great learning experience for everyone involved! This year our very own director of b和s Mr. 安东尼Vittore will be the conductor of the honor b和. He has 20 years experience in the high school classroom 和 has be a guest conductor all over the state of Alabama. The honor b和 is open to students in grade 9-12. 我们期待在那里见到你!

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Mr. Calvin Scott as our Drum Major instructor for our first ever 鼓乐专业学院! This is for anyone who is interested in trying out for drum major at their high school! They will learn from one of the best drum major instructors in the state on proper techniques, 提示, 和 cues that will help them be confident when they go to their own tryouts. The cost is $15, which includes lunch. This is a great way to learn techniques  for beginners all the way to experienced c和idates. 中国赌博网的大学 B和 believes in hard work 和 dedication, 和 that there is no short cut to success, we look to instill these values into our students, 和 now the future leaders of the high school b和s throughout the state.

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